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Dried Egg Products

Dried Egg Products

Dried egg products are a variety of stable, mixable products with a very long shelf life. They are available packaged in pouches, polypacks, boxes and large drums.

Types of products available

  • Whole egg or yolk solids
  • Free-flowing whole egg or yolk solids (with sodiumsilicoaluminate added as a free flow agent)
  • Blends of whole egg and or yolk with carbohydrates (sugar or corn syrup) added
  • Stabilised whole egg yolk solids
  • Instant egg white solids
  • Spray-dried egg white solids
  • Enzyme modified yolk
  • High whip egg white

Overview of process

Shelled eggs are washed, rinsed, sterilised and candled. They are then broken, separated automatically and checked for quality and flaws.

Liquid whole eggs and yolks are clarified, filtered and usually pasteurized before being spray-dried. To stabilise the product and preserve colour when dried, glucose is removed from egg whites before spray-drying.

In order to ensure that the dried egg does not harden and solidify, ingredients such as anti-caking agents, sugar or salt may be added to the mixture. Egg whites are often treated with whipping agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, to ensure aeration properties on reconstitution.


Dried egg products should be kept at less than 10°C in a dark place. Once opened, containers of dried egg must be resealed to prevent contamination with moisture. Reconstituted egg should be used immediately or stored at 0°C to 10°C for no more than four days.

Posted on: 16 March 2009

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