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Liquid Egg Products

Liquid Egg Products

Liquid egg products are a variety of ready to use, usually pasteurized products packaged in metal or plastic containers, cartons and polythene bags.

Types of products available

  • Whole eggs
  • Whites or yolks
  • Sugared or salted whole eggs, whites or yolks
  • Scrambled egg or omelette mix

Typical usage

Liquid egg products are a key ingredient for food service and commercial food processing.

Overview of process

Shelled eggs are washed, rinsed, sterilised and candled. They are then broken, separated automatically and checked for quality and flaws. The liquid egg product is then filtered, usually pasteurized, and packaged.


Liquid eggs should be used immediately if possible, or kept refrigerated after opening. Depending on the microbial quality of the product, whole eggs and yolks will keep for two to six days at 4.4°C. Whites only will keep for two to six days at 7.2°C.

Posted on: 16 March 2009

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